A dream come true!

Can hardly believe I’m writing my first entry in my new blog.  Baseball’s been in my blood since I was 6 years old.  The garlic fries came later.  Dad played minor league ball in Longview, WA back in the 40’s when most small towns in the Pacific Northwest had organized ball of some sort.  Well, he didn’t really play in the minors, more like semi-semi minor pro, but to a kid it might as well been the majors!  And in junior high when the other kids had Elvis Presley and Chuck Barry pasted on their lockers I had a full size shot of Mickey Mantle with that glorious bat thrown over his shoulder staring straight at me everytime I opened that locker door.  I was obsessed!  Now, many years later, I’m going on an 8 day baseball trip on an organized tour that starts in Baltimore and ends in Chicago and includes the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.  And so my dream and love of baseball continues and I want to share it with anyone who wants to hear it.  So now I’m gonna look for the perfect setup for my webpage and try and get this posted.   Stay tuned……….


10 responses to “A dream come true!

  1. Peggy Adamson

    I love baseball, too! Unfortunately, football reigns supreme at my house. I wanted to take a trip this summer to the College World Series. Last time at Rosenblat and all…None of my boys was interested! So, I will be very excited to read about your trip and I hope you have a great time.


    • You should have gone anyhow Peggy. I put off my first baseball tour for 3 years because I couldn’t get anyone to go with me and then finally took grandson Jake, age 13, with me and had a blast. But the thing I noticed is there were 4-5 single women on that tour. by themselves and they all had a great time! Also, Oregon State won 2 College World Series in a row. You should be at the next one! Better yet, organize your own tour! It would be great fun guaranteed!


      • Peggy Adamson

        I watched every single second of both of those college world series championships! The BEST! I hate to take money away from family vacations so that I can go somewhere alone. It can only stretch so far! A family friend is the catcher for UT (Cameron Rupp). He has a huge family and they all went last year. If they go again, I am sure I could go with them. We will see.
        I remember when you went with Jake. I thought it was SO cool. They probably didn’t have garlic fries back then…:)


      • Peggy, I don’t know if you have any Minor League Teams in your area but they’re a lot of fun, especially if you can pick out a few favorite players and watch them progress to the Majors! But it’s very inexpensive if you’re lucky enough to live close to one. We love our “San Jose Giants”! Goodie…..now I can follow UT! It’s always better when you feel like you know someone……..:))


  2. Well, Sis, I’m pretty darn excited too. I think baseball was in all our blood and Geez, remember how when Mom was 80 she knew every player’s stats? Oh, yeah and the fries are great too:)
    So we will be touring together (all except the blog) but I’ll be reading yours a couple of times a week. See you in June……………


  3. Ronni,
    I can remember that picture of Mickey Mantle in your locker and how I thought, geez, wonder why she is so crazy about him!!

    Hope you have a wonderful time and trip!



  4. Ronni,

    Asked the guys here and Tony Adams says his Mom lived next door to Ted Williams Mom, in San Diego……and how about career seasons 17? Could that be it?



  5. CS maybe. But he had 21 seasons so not sure. Thanks for the input and keep checking and so will I!


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