Much ado about nothing ……. Popular Baseball Quotes!

Here’s some fun quotes courtesy of  Baseball Almanac  that haven’t made it to the GFBB sidebar yet !  Just trying to kill time till baseball season folks!

  •  “All I remember about my wedding day in 1967 is that the Cubs lost a double-header.” George Will Source: USA Weekend (04/01/1990)
  • “Aw, how could he (Jorge Orta) lose the ball in the sun, he’s from Mexico.” Harry Caray
  • I would always sing it (Take Me Out To The Ball Game), because I think it’s the only song I knew the words to!” Harry Caray.
  • “They (Expos fans) discovered ‘boo’ is pronounced the same in French as it is in English.” Harry Caray
  • “He (Darryl Strawberry) is not a dog; a dog is loyal and runs after balls.” Tommy Lasorda
  • “He (Fernando Valenzuela) wants Texas back (in respect to his contract demands).  Tommy Lasorda “Source: Sports Illustrated (December 28, 1961)  
  • “This has been the remarkable thing about the fans in Chicago, they keep drawing an average of a million-three a year, and, when the season’s over and they’ve won their usual seventy-one games, you feel that those fans deserve a medal.”  Harry Caray
  • “You could tell he (President Ronald Reagan) was an old radio guy. He never once looked at the television monitor. Harry Caray
  • “Let’s all take a deep breath as we go to the most dramatic ninth inning (1956 World Series : Don Larsen Perfect Game) in the history of baseball. I’m going to sit back, light up, and hope I don’t chew the cigarette to pieces.”  Vin Scully
  • “Losing feels worse than winning feels good.” Vin Scully
  • “All last year we tried to teach him (Fernando Valenzuela) English, and the only word he learned was million.” Tommy Lasorda
  • “It doesn’t feel different being here (at the All-Star Game) I feel like I’m on an All-Star team everyday.”Derek Jeter
  • (Roberto) Clemente could field the ball in New York and throw out a guy in Pennsylvania.” – Broadcaster Vin Scully
  • “I tell you, (Steve) Blass, you pitch me inside, they never, never find that ball.” Roberto Clemente
  • “I’ve found that you don’t need to wear a necktie if you can hit.” Ted Williams   
  • “All managers are losers, they are the most expendable pieces of furniture on the face of the Earth.” Ted Williams
  • “People who write about spring training not being necessary have never tried to throw a baseball.” Sandy Koufax
  • “Pitching is the art of instilling fear.” Sandy Koufax  Source: The Gashouse Gang (Robert E. Hood, 1976)
  • “Show me a guy who can’t pitch inside and I’ll show you a loser.”   Sandy Koufax
  • “I can see how he won twenty-five games. What I don’t understand is how he lost five.” –Yogi Berra about Sandy Koufax
  • “Trying to hit him was like trying to drink coffee with a fork.” –Willie Stargell about Sandy Koufax
  • “He’d (Reggie Jackson) give you the shirt off his back. Of course he’d call a press conference to announce it.” Catfish Hunter
  • “And I didn’t cheat in 1963 when I won twenty-four games. Well, maybe a little.” Whitey Ford  
  • “I never threw the spitter, well maybe once or twice when I really needed to get a guy out real bad.” Whitey Ford Source: Widely Attributed
  • “Boys, I’m one of those umpires that misses ’em every once in a while so if it’s close, you’d better hit it.” Cal Hubbard
  • “It ain’t nothin’ till I call it.”  Bill Klem
  • “I always hated to throw a guy out of a game but sometimes it was necessary to keep order.” Cal Hubbard
  • “Just take the ball and throw it where you want to. Throw strikes. Home plate don’t move.” Satchel Paige
  • “He (Bill Veeck) asked me to throw at a cigarette as a plate and I threw four out of five over it.” Satchel Paige
  • “One time he (Cool Papa Bell) hit a line drive right past my ear. I turned around and saw the ball hit his ass sliding into second.” Now that’s fast folks! Satchel Paige

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